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Due to COVID-19, in-person sessions have been suspended until further notice. Online sessions are still available.

First Time Wellness Exam


During our initial meeting we will explore your complete health history, including constitutional patterns, family genetics and personal lifestyle choices around diet, exercise, and emotional well being. This information will provide an important framework for our relationship moving forward as we craft a unique set of protocols and educational tools that suit your individual needs.

An initial wellness exam can last between 1-3 hours, depending on the concern and the individual.

Herbal Consultation


PLEASE NOTE: An initial wellness exam must be completed before any further consultation.

My approach towards medicinal herbalism is deeply rooted in Vitalism. This school of thought promotes the idea that our bodies have a sophisticated, built-in healing intelligence. This inner knowledge is already informed on what best suits you and allows you to thrive. When we experience imbalance, it is often because we have inadvertently silenced this subtle awareness. By using plants as both tools and allies, we can move the body back towards a thriving, joyful state. 

At an herbal consultation, we will discuss medicinal plants that can help shift patterns of imbalance. The formulas we create will be uniquely catered to the individual and depend on their concerns and constitution. Protocols may include a combination of herbal infusions and/or tinctures, capsules, salves, poultices, steams or baths.

Nutrition Consultation


PLEASE NOTE: An initial wellness exam must be completed before any further consultation.

When we choose foods that really fuel our bodies, we experience a steady state of calm energy and lighthearted contentment. We also provide ourselves with a solid foundation for profound healing to begin.

During a nutrition consultation, we will craft a diet plan that offers the best nourishment for your individual needs. This is a judgement free zone. I am here to meet you where you are; to inspire and instill a new tool set from which to approach your relationship with food.

When diet is imbalanced, medicine is of no use. When diet is corrected, medicine is of no need”.     -Ayurvedic Proverb

Auto-Immune Specific Consultation


PLEASE NOTE: An initial wellness exam must be completed before any further consultation.

The most promising evidence for relief from the symptoms associated with autoimmune disease, can be found within natural medicine. A tangible pathway towards functional, pain-free living is possible using the principles of Vitalism, including herbs, supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet.

During this consultation, we will explore your specific autoimmune diagnosis in-depth. We will create unique protocols that honor your individual constitution, lifestyle and health needs. Together, we will create a roadmap back to optimal wellness.

Flower Essences; Mental and Emotional Wellbeing


Flower essences are herbal infusions that uniquely address the mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing. They are the energetic imprints of plants and they invoke specific qualities within us, balancing the negative aspects and helping us reach our highest selves.

Flower essence sessions are a sacred place for clients to share. This work requires nothing more than an open mind and a willing heart. Protocols may include the use of flower essences from Bach, FES, Mimi Kamp and Perelandra. This energetic medicine may be taken internally or topically according to the unique needs and wishes of the individual.

Areas of Specialty

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Chronic Stress
  • Sudden Loss of a Loved One
  • Relationship Issues
  • Childhood Trauma

Educational Services


Learn More About Herbs and Nutrition

Who can benefit from the Keto diet? Is Echinacea good for other things besides boosting the immune system? Why does Valerian make others sleepy but it keeps me up all night? Get your food and herb questions answered with private holistic tutoring. Learn how to empower yourself and your whole family with the tools needed for optimal wellness.

Cooking Instruction

Good ingredients. Proper technique. Vibrant seasonings. There are few things better in life than siting down for a delicious meal you have cooked yourself. Especially if you can share it with those you love. If you are new to the world of food preparation or just looking for a few tips and tricks to make healthy food taste good, consider receiving some foundational cooking instruction.

Build and Manage a Garden

There is nothing more gratifying than growing your own food and medicine. Get started with some one-on-one instruction as well as tips and tricks for keeping plants alive and thriving in Colorado’s unpredictable weather cycles. You will be amazed at the quality and abundance a small backyard garden can produce!